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Different steps has to be followed if you wish to apply for an Australian visa. When these steps are followed properly, you will get your visa without any hitch. For one to apply/request for an Australian visa, he need to follow different steps/processes. These steps seem very easy but you should make sure you don’t mix any step as any step mixed can result to one being denied visa

Different Types of visaThere are different visas applied for depending on your purpose

  • Short Term Visa: The short term visa is that issued for a short period of time which is between three to six months, This visa is issued to those going for business trip or tour.
  • Work Visas: In applying for this visa,the government or key employer must want you to come over. It is for individuals who have high skill that will be beneficial to the government.


To apply for the Australian visa, you must

  • Firstly you must meet the Australian character requirements and you must have documents or police report which proves that you have not being involved in any criminal case.
  • You must have an original receipt to proof your fee payment for the visa
  • You must have a financial document (Statement of account) to proof that you can sustain yourself for the period of stay
  • You must have an international passport.
  • You must have a coloured passport of 29mm * 34mm which has a white background.
  • A letter of invitation.
  • For tourist visa applicants, you must have the travel itinerary.
  • Tax clearance
  • Family pictures
  • Marriage certificate.

Things To Put Into Consideration While Filling The Form1) Make sure you mention the class of visa with which you are applying.2) Have it in mind that if you plan on extending your stay, you must apply for another visa.3) You must relay information of traveling in and out of Australia to the DIMIA while your visa is being processed.

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