Canada: Prince Edward Island Express Entry (Provincial Nomination Program – Labour Impact Category) 2018

Prince Edward Island Express Entry

The Canada Express Entry system allows the province of Prince Edward Island to attract potential immigrants for their provincial nominee program. The province can send a “notification of interest” to people whose Express Entry profiles match the criteria the province is seeking, or potential immigrants can apply directly to the program under the Business Impact or Labour Impact categories. Individuals nominated for Canadian immigration by the PEI PNP will attain enough points under the Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking Calculator to more or less be assured an invitation during the next draw. Once given an invitation to apply to be a Canada Permanent Resident, it does not take long to get accepted for PEI immigration as Express Entry processes applications in six months or less.

Not every applicant will be accepted into the Princed Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program through the Express Entry System. Candidates must have skills which meet current PEI labour needs. These requirements vary over time as labour needs change in the province. Candidates are encouraged to investigate the current needs of PEI before applying for the Express Entry System. If nominated through a PEI Express Entry stream, potential immigrants can apply for residency through the CIC online system which is much faster.

Labour Impact Category

The PNP PEI labour impact category is for individuals who wish to work and live in Prince Edward Island but not own a business. The individual needs to possess certain skills, education, and experience which are needed in the local labour market. This immigration category is divided into the following two streams:

1. Skilled Worker Stream
This Prince Edward Island immigration stream is for individuals who have been hired or will be hired by a PEI employer. Eligible candidates must have knowledge and experience in a skilled profession, including post-secondary education.

2. Critical Worker Stream
This Prince Edward Island PNP stream is for workers in either a semi-skilled or unskilled profession. The individual must either be currently working for a PEI business, or have a PEI employer who will sponsor them for permanent residency. Some examples of occupations which fit in this category include general labour, housekeeping, truck driving, and food service.


Detailed Requirements

The Labour Impact Category of the Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program is divided into two streams. There is some slight overlap in the requirements between the two streams, but mainly the requirements are specific to each stream.

1. Requirements for the Skilled Worker Stream:

  • 21-59 years old
  • Must have a job offer for a full-time, long-term job from a PEI employer for a N0C 0, A or B level skilled position. In this case, “long term” is considered to be at least two years
  • If currently employed in PEI, must have a valid work permit
  • Must have legal status in current country of residence
  • Must have a two-year post-secondary degree
  • Within the past two years, must have at least two years of full-time work experience or relevant schooling
  • Must have “sufficient funds” to settle in PEI
  • Must prove proficiency in English or French. Proficiency can be established by an IELTS test with a minimum score of 4.0, a declaration of language ability from the PEI employer or education from an institution where the primary instruction used was either English or French

In the Prince Edward Island Nominee Program Skilled Worker Stream, the employer offering the applicant the job must also meet certain requirements.

The employer must offer employment which:

  • is at least two years in duration
  • is suitable for the applicant’s education, training and experiences
  • meets federal and provincial standards and industry wage rate
  • is located in Prince Edward Island
  • offers a verifiable employment contract and settlement support

2. Requirements for Critical Worker Stream
This Prince Edward Island immigration stream is geared towards semi-skilled and unskilled positions.

The foreign national applying through this stream must:

  • be 21 to 59 years old
  • hold a valid work permit
  • have legal status in country of residence
  • be a high school graduate (at minimum)
  • have sufficient funds to live in PEI
  • be proficient in English or French. This can be verified with an IELTS with a minimum overall score of 4.0. Minimal individual scores are 4.5 Listening, 3.5 Reading, 4 Writing, 4 Speaking
  • have spent at least six months working full-time for the PEI employer

Finally, the major requirement for this Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program stream is the individual must have a job offer for a full-time, long-term position with a PEI employer. The positions must be in a semi-skilled or unskilled positions, which is a NOC level of C or D.

The most common jobs in this Prince Edward Island PNP stream are:

  • truck driver
  • customer service
  • general labour
  • server (food and beverage)
  • housekeeping

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